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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mr. Beckham & Adele, perfect couple.

Hummm, not only is there eye candy in this new glossy, but there are actually very interesting and thoughtful articles, interviews and opinion pieces. Male celebrities, intellectuals, style icons from all over the world are carefully hand picked to create a forward thinking magazine, with unique perspective.
The website is updated regularly and features some interviews and great photographs. 
Created in Amsterdam, its sister publication, The Gentlewoman is also a great read for ladies. Especially since this issue features a great and (very) honest interview with my current favorite artist, Adele. 
What is also great about the women's publication is that it has the same smart and intellectual tone as its masculine counterpart. Beauty, fashion and anti-aging are still part of the topics, but in a wise approach, with interesting comments and reflexions. Intellectuals, artists, pop icons and women from different backgrounds fill the pages of this new mag. Love it!
(* If in Mtl, you get both at Multimag on Mont-Royal, and other fine stores I'm sure).

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