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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to attend the opening night of the Alberta Ballet's season,  with the National Ballet of Canada's 60th anniversary tour. To say it completely blew our minds would kinda be an understatement. It was fantastic, but mostly it was real. Especially the Emmergence ballet choreographed by Crystal Pite. 

The talent, dedication and grace of the dancers just transported us to another world. It was raw, human, and truly impressive. No special effects, no photoshop, no autotunes, it was pure talent and art at its finest. It's something I think we don't get to see enough, or maybe don't value enough these days. We go to the movies, see scenes that might have took 30 takes to nail, and then were color adjusted, the image was tweaked etc. Same goes for most of the images we see, or the music we hear. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to achieve perfection, or the art of digital enhancement of any kind. But I think we underestimate the value of seeing live performances, with their flaws, put on by people who dedicate their lives to perfect the art of showmanship. It is a truly humbling and human experience that we should all try to get more of, and value more. 

So,  go out and see a live band in a small venue, a play, a ballet, modern dance, circus, whatever you like, but see it live, for real. And then, tell me what you thought! Enjoy! ;)

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