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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A book that can only be... a book

I read -and absolutly loved- Jonathan Safran Foer's "Extremely loud and incredibly close" novel last year.  It's the rare kind of story that tends to stick with you for a while after you've read it.  The unique way of approaching the world and the refreshing naiveness of the main carracter makes you want to see life in a different light.

Now the author has transposed that vision into a book, literally! "Tree of codes" is a unique hybrid between a sculpture and a book. Spaces from the pages are cutted out, showing words from other pages to complete the story. Making it a experience that can't be translated for technology, an important aspect to Foer's latest work. The author was quoted in the New-York Magazine saying "“I think there’s going to be something that happens now, where books move in two directions, one toward digitized formats and one toward remembering what’s nice about the physicality of them.” 

For my part,  the actual book is a one of my favorite things about reading. There's someting about picking it up, turning the pages, seeing the left side grow bigger as the story unfolds... and fearing how little time there is to spend with the carracters as the right side becomes smaller and smaller... I just love it!  What about you? Are you part of the kindle-iPad reading book club?

I am wating for my copy, I'll let you know what I think soon!

(Photo of the book interior: Danny Kim via New York Magazine)

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